Products - Billing & Provisioning

Full-featured and cost
effective, offering you a
complete billing solution
One single bill, per customer account, that
combines all services, equipment and payments
into the next generation of bill presentment that
all demanding customers expect

TELCO-bill is a complete telecommunications billing, payments, client management and provisioning system offering a cost-effective single bill solution with automated interfaces to multiple suppliers and the ability to scale as your client base grows.

UTIL-bill is a complete utilities billing, payments, client management and provisioning system offering providers of water, sewerage, power and gas the ability to combine different products and services onto a single bill, with a single payment for each client.

HOST-bill leverages the powerful billing engine used by TELCO-bill and HOST-bill and adds features required by managed service providers, data centre operators, application service providers and facilities managers.

Each of our billing solutions can be run in-house or can be outsourced to us as a bureau service.

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TELCO-bill HOST-bill UTIL-bill