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Outsourced Billing & Payments

Most organisations have an expertise in their particular field, be it telecommunications, provision of utilities and services, insurance or any number of other fields.

Anything but billing systems.

As an alternative to implementing your own billing system, Presence Systems provides an outsourced solution that is tailored to your requirements, allowing you to concentrate on your area of expertise and leaving the complexity of running a billing system, our area of expertise, to us. Each solution is hosted in a secure, managed environment and uses our PS Complete billing system. Where an in-house billing system is not justified or cost effective, an outsourced solution is the obvious choice.

The advantages of an outsourced solution are:

Your enterprise applications and web site can use all the features of the API, allowing customer self-service and integration into your existing systems even though your billing system is outsourced, providing the best of both worlds.

With an outsourced solution based on PS Complete comes the ability to move to an in-house billing solution with minimal risk. Unlike other implementations of a new billing system into an existing organisation, your existing billing solution can be seamlessly migrated allowing for a changeover your customers and suppliers won't even know has occurred.

If you are looking for an outsourced billing solution with all the features and flexibility you need, and the added comfort of knowing your billing solution can grow as your organisation grows, an outsourced billing solution from Presence Systems is your best choice.